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(Note for those coming here when blocked, nowhere does the bot say you are anything, abusive, an MRA, whatever. Look at the tweet that added you and ask the blocker that blocked you. The levels are from annoying to abusive bigot. Level1 people might have something to complain about in terms of being labelled “abusive, stalker, doxxer or faker”, few have however as it’s a pretty clear cut accusation. Level2 and Level3 are more subjective, are you really that damaged by some people thinking you are an asshole or annoying?)

For more information on blocking consult Twitter’s help center.

Twitter is polluted by a number of anti-feminist obsessives, who viciously harass those who don’t support their warped views. The Block Bot is a Twitter application to automatically block the nastiest of these people. Once installed, it works in the background, fetching the names of those to be blocked from a central server, and discreetly blocking them.

The Block Bot can be used anonymously, and makes no change whatsoever to your Twitter profile. The blocks are made silently, and (from the point of view of the person being blocked) are indistinguishable from ordinary blocks. You may follow @TheBlockBot Twitter account if you wish, but there is no requirement to do so.

You can adjust the strictness with which blocks are applied, by choosing from one of three nastiness levels. Level 1 is sparsely populated with “worst of the worst” trolls, plus impersonators and stalkers. Level 2 (which we recommend for general use) includes those in Level 1, plus a wider selection of unpleasant people, in the opinion of the blockers. Level 3 goes beyond The Block Bot’s main purpose, and expands the list to include those who aren’t straight out haters, but can be tedious and obnoxious.

The Block Bot does not affect your ability to block people manually, and does not interfere with your existing block list. It does not block anyone who you are following, and will unblock anyone who you later choose to follow. If you no longer wish to use the bot, it can easily be removed.

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  1. Thank god for Block Bot. Now I will never have to be exposed to wrong think or comments that interfere with my carefully crafted threat narrative. Block Bot should be implemented on the entire World Web Wide. And in real life too if at all possible.

    • Better get onto those school boards, why are they not teaching the controversy. For that matter those darn climate scientists don’t appreciate diversity of opinion or “wrong think” either, damn them all! Why won’t everyone listen to MEEE!! … Oh, I mean, why won’t people listen to opinions that just differ from theirs, ahem. Nothing to see here, move along.

      • I like that you’re portraying your side as the rational one when all scientific objective evidence is to the contrary.

        Anyone who equates feminism with science doesn’t understand either feminism or science.

        • Come back when you have some evidence that contradicts feminist claims. You’d have to invent your own as the social sciences have backed up every claim made, psychological research into stereotype threat, micoragressions, implicit bias etc etc all back up feminism. I know some YouTube “star” has probably sold you this idea that feminism is not based on science, but you are plainly wrong.

          Can start here –

          • “social sciences”

            Social sciences are not real science. It is regurgitation of opinions presented as fact based on suggestive interpretation of statistics. They fail peer review and objective testing methodologies.

            Nice try though mate.

          • [citation needed] … To be clearer a citation for your assertion that anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, archaeology, history, law, and linguistics are “not real science”. I’m sure the thousands of academics, many vastly more intelligent than yourself (Probably a low bar I know), will be glad to hear how their chosen field of study is not objective and fails peer review O_o

          • There’s more evidence against feminism than you think. I refer you to this youtube channel:

            (Inb4 my twitter gets blocked for posting this, as any and all apposing points of view are being added to this bot).

          • It seems amazing we have to say this, a YT channel is not “evidence”… What papers does she cite? Let me answer that for you, none… So no evidence at all, just her rather ill informed opinion.

          • I came back with evidence. You see that scientist guy. There is your proof.

            Also why do you list Men’s Rights as awful but are fine with feminism? Is that not sexism?

          • “Evidence”, I don’t think you know what that word means. Feminists criticised him, he accepted they were right and apologised for the damage he did. The End … Except the whiny manchildren of the MRM hate to see a man apologise to women, it tweaks their own insecurity so they have to scream and stamp their feet about it.

  2. if you require something like this then your a person who cant handle real life and look at a point of view that isnt your own and laff at and ignore it or think on it and dismiss it and let people say whatever they want about you or whatever. people who think youtube is a private area then why are your comments and videos that people view in a public setting when not set to private. but i do understand getting something like this for children.

    • Wow, that was one long sentence of punctuation free fail.

      • And that was the reply of someone who knows the other party was right and has nothing left but snark.

        • Nice snarky comment there :)

          • No, it was a good argument but you can’t handle dissenting opinions

          • You seriously think the root comment was a good “argument”? The entire premise is incorrect, we couldn’t give a damn about “different views”, have whatever views you like. Moon landing fake? Have at it!

            But bigotry harms people affected by it, measurably, demonstrably. So no, it wasn’t a good argument.

  3. Thanks for the level 1, you sensitive fedora cunts

    • Approved this content free crap, they didn’t even say who they are, so users of the bot can see what genius resides on level1 :-)

      • yeah, I’m going to mention my twitter username so your whiteknight faggot sluts can spam block me

        wasn’t born yesterday, you cum guzzler

        • ^^^ Paranoia, conspiracy theorist as well as barely literate. You block bot users are really missing out on a gem! (Let me help you o’paranoid anonymous dipshit, people spam blocking you will have no effect unless you @ them. So a campaign of it is totally ineffectual, not to mention that in the event you were suspended a ticket to Twitter will have you straight back. Duh. )

          • Because I am totally going to believe you

            Hope your family likes rape

          • LOL, you are really running low on the troll juice now, barely even trying! I could write a bot that does better than this, Eliza with a few random insults and you are outdone by a bit of AI that could run on a Speccy.

  4. I simply don’t get it. I don’t see how The Block Bot is going to make any major difference whatsoever. All I see are a few hundred users that fall into a very select category of fervent SJWs expediting the process of blocking a few trolls. Most of these trolls agree with the message that the people behind The Block Bot are trying to convey, but they see an opportunity to be dicks and have fun on the Internet. Being on a the block list is going to do nothing to drive them away from the medium of Twitter, and most of the trolls who are listed will take it as an honor or a trophy of some sort. It validates their trolling. If a troll is thoroughly determined to fuck with someone on twitter, they’ll find a way. Otherwise, they’ll lose interest and not get too worked up about being blocked, because they knew that it was the probable outcome in the first place.
    I understand that the block list will preemptively block some trolls before they can do anything. That’s cool. But as I said, a determined troll will find a way.

    Also Obama is on the block list, along with other politicians on both sides of the aisle. The only way I see this to be possible is if The Block Bot has problems with personal bias.

    • Driving people away is not an aim, just allowing people to ignore those that want to be dicks on Twitter. They have a perfect right to be dicks, free speech n all that, our users have a right to ignore them. Efficiently…

      Barack, Hm, one of our blockers added a bunch of politicians for the symbolism. We thought we’d removed them all but the POTUS slipped through, I’m 99.99999% sure it did him and our users no harm. So not that worried!

      • Just to reply to the what difference does it make comment, believe me it makes a huge difference. without the bot i would have never returned to twitter, and i am not alone. Many women are subject to pretty constant trolling on twitter, if like me you also happen to be a sex worker and support the rights of trans people you are a target. But, guess what, trolls are now a rare event, as most are blocked by the bot before they get to me. I am able to share cat pics and talk to friends without rape threats or being told i am bringing down civilization, which is nice :-)

        • That’s nice to hear, thanks!

        • I once suggested that an SJW person should not be attacked based on internet rumors about shady things they had done, because internet rumors have no credible basis. I was praised for this statement. I then said the same thing about another person who was an SJW but had been accused (by another baseless anonymous internet rumor) of doing something pretty awful. I was attacked. Not just attacked, but harassed. To the point I deleted my twitter account. The attackers were exclusively game journalists and those that followed them.

          Why am I not able to block *them*? Why is it okay for me to be harassed and to witness others being harassed, as long as they tag along to a specific idealogy and are blind to any criticism of their behavior?

          • That’s very nice *pats on head* … PSA: You can block who ever you like, you can even take the open source code for the bot and make your own shared block list! Isn’t life grand?

  5. I’m not on the list, what the actual fuck!??!?! I’m the most racist, sexist, anti-fucktard/trans/weirdo there is.

  6. It is still a free country, but why would anyone want to block another view/opinion? Didn’t our parents teach us to have an OPEN MIND? Blocking opposing views simply means you are communist/marxist = 1 view/opinion

    Personally, I love hearing opposing views. I have changed some of my thinking base on someone’s else’s opposing view, which means my own was not common sense. WHY WOULD I EVER WANT TO BE THIN-SKINNED????????

    • No opposing views or opinions are blocked, how ridiculous. There are 6 billion people in the world, how would that even be possible?

      I would take issue with your obvious privilege in seeking out “opposing opinions”, if you lived under the cosh of transmisogyny or racism day in day out you might have had a different experience. One of being constantly dehumanised by “other opinions”, but I doubt you’d listen, so I won’t waste my time.

      • I agree with TOM, this just enables thin-skinned people to stay the same not realizing that having a close mind is a problem. Selfish-Justice-Warriors talk always about being open but when they face an “oppressing view” which is an elegant way to say their opinion differ, is downright hypocrite.

        • Not wanting to speak to you, personally, is not close minded. Not wanting to speak to anyone, at all, wouldn’t be close minded … Basically you use that term but don’t know what it means.

          • Says the people who throw around the word “misogyny” like it’s a bag of fucking taffy at a parade.

          • You have a problem with the word misogyny, we have a problem with the damage done by it. Hit yourself with the dictionary ten times and say 20 hail Nero’s, your sins will be absolved my son.

          • I’m not sure you know what it means. It means “obstinately resistant to argument or to unfamiliar or unwelcome ideas.” Insisting someone with an opposing opinion of view is not worth listening to is in fact being close-minded, and that is in fact what they are talking about. Closing your mind to the idea that they might even have a point is also close-minded. Someone agreeing with a group or person you don’t like and you making assumptions about them based on that, is also close-minded.

          • Not wanting to engage with PRATTs (, is not close minded. Opinions “different from ours” are everywhere, because those opinions are often shoved down our users throats despite their being refuted over and over, the block bot exists.

            I think you’ll find nothing you or anyone else on the block bot has to say is original, or not expressed in print, media, audio, video, all over the internet. If our users want to address it they can, but on their terms.

          • We don’t have a problem with the world “misogyny”.We have a problem with it being thrown at every single person that disagrees with feminist theory. A lot of the people that are upset at feminists right now are upset at what they are SAYING, and not that the people saying it happen to be a woman.

            By the way, a lot of feminists and feminist supporters (e.g the majority of internet journalists) will throw out a point a guy makes just for the fact a guy said it. I’ve see it happen over and over. If we did live in a misogynist culture like feminist theory suggests then it would be the other way around; anything a feminist says would be ignored and accusations of misogyny would me meaningless (kind of like how right now accusations of a girl being sexist or a misandrist is literally meaningless. interesting).

          • If it was thrown at everyone that disagreed with feminist theory then it would be applied to every feminist, you do know they are notorious for not agreeing on anything? I guess not given GWW YT channel is where you get your information.

          • Wow, yeah, if anything a feminist said was ignored that would be pretty misogynist. Good thing that never ha-

            One of being constantly dehumanised by “other opinions”

            but when they face an “oppressing view” which is an elegant way to say their opinion differ

            They missed the point of the statement entirely and instead went with their presumptions… It’s almost like… They were completely ignoring what the feminist said…

          • There are feminists on the block bot, a group of radical feminists who are anti-trans. So your entire premise is incorrect, try again…

  7. I think my account (benhitov) may have been incorrectly labeled a sock-puppet account. I am using my full name, though, and I have a link to my facebook profile on my twitter page. I understand that we probably don’t agree about everything, but it seems that offense does not meet the criteria for inclusion in the level1 list. Apologies if this is not the appropriate place for me to comment.

  8. “nowhere does the bot say you are anything, abusive, an MRA, whatever.”
    “The levels are from annoying to abusive bigot.”
    Wait, what?

    • You can’t parse the concept of generalisation for the levels? While the specifics are L1 is more likely to be abusive but may be as simple as a suspected fake account .. We move any determined not to be fake, for example, down the levels.

      Finally the bot literally does not say anything about you based on what level you are on. The blocker who added the account decides, the levels are guidelines for a crowd to follow.

  9. Ok I am sorry English is not my native language so I seem to be missing something here.

    “Look at the tweet that added you”

    How can I see who added me to this list as an Level 1. I just want to know the reason why. I may not agree with modern Feminism since Ia m for equality for everyone but I do not want to be labeled that way without any reason. SO it would be really nice if some could answer me.

    My Twitter name is Darji
    Thank you.

    Edit: Oh and I posted this inn different sections since I do not know where to put it. So excuse me for that as well.

    • Modern feminism is for equality as it has been for the last 100 years, incidentally for all of that history people have said teh wimminz want all the powah, whine, whine, whine. So yours is a much refuted position, reconsider it.

      Check here ->

  10. Great. Now how about we apply this to the countless game journalists and social justice types that are abusive, harassing, and threatening to other twitter users? Or is that okay, because “one of us, one of us”?

    Sincerely: An outsider, who clearly sees the abundance of hypocrisy that you’re unable to see with your heads so firmly up your own asses.

  11. So is there any way to check out why someone is on the list? I’m very curious to see what horrible thing I said to warrant my high level 1 position. Not that I give much of a damn that I’m on it but it could be quite funny to see why.

  12. Haha! Someone didn’t like that I defended someone who was being unfairly attacked by them, and so they tried to put me on this list as a sock account, when my email and facebook had been tied to the list at the time. They did it on the grounds that my twitter was inactive until recently. Because apparently in their world, if you don’t have 10k tweets you aren’t real.

    Only a week after they reported my twitter I was doxxed and had someone send me with a link to my facebook and email, and they tried to demand I stop “defending misogyny”. I don’t know, if the feminism is about doxxing and threats, I’m not really inclined to agree with it am I? Great argument. So then I delete all my tweets, remove personal email and facebook from my account, and stop using my full name and profile pic on twitter. I put up a new pic later of my actual face again, but still only use my first name.

    And yet I don’t care. People make lists like this, they complain about harassment and doxxing, while doing it themselves, and then have the gall to say they’re on the side of ‘good’. Fun tip: If you want to promote feminism and stop anti-feminism, don’t be an asshole to everyone who doesn’t blindly join you or disagrees with you on something not even related to sexism. Don’t dox, don’t threaten, and don’t promote censoring under the name of equality. It’s bigoted and close-minded.

    I used my real email for this post. If you want to harass me further, go on. I dare you.

    • No idea what your long whine about doxxing has to do with us, if anyone doxxes you report them to the block bot and they’ll be put on at level1 as that is threatening behaviour.

      PS, because some feminists (Assuming it was, seems extremely unlikely to me) dox you, that doesn’t mean *feminism* is incorrect. OK?

      • An ironic double standard considering the reasons most are put on the block list. “Oh you are vaguely aligned against my current argument, opinion, strange variation of feminism, or are part of a group I think is wrong because of reasons. You’re on the list.”

        And that is the majority of people on the list no matter what you would like to tell yourself.

        • “Strange variation” of feminism, what exactly do you think our variation of feminism is and why is it strange? (Blocking on Twitter is srs bsns)

  13. In your introduction it mentions looking at the tweet that added you, how would you find such tweet? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

    I have also looked through my twitter and not found anything that I think would earn me a place on this list, especially not at level 1 with the likes of doxxers or stalkers.

    A response would be appreciated. Thank you

  14. The very concept of this site is repugnant. Nothing more than a political censorship tool intended to assist in narrow-mindedness. Vile.

    • “censorship”, you use that word, but you clearly don’t know what it means. People opting in to block you or anyone else is not censorship, it’s freedom of choice, freedom to ignore you. Sorry!

  15. I really cant imagine what kind of fucked up shit you’ve done in the past, to feel enough guilt to act as you do. must have been pretty fucking bad. congratulations, it’s turned you into a horrendous creature that craves moral acceptance from the lowest common denominators. man it must suck to be you

  16. No offence, but I am on the list for this because I pointed ou working class women dont have autonomy over their working choices in the current political economy. Because a pampered spoiled journalist didn’t like it. Maybe the people behind this need to assess what it is they are trying to achieve…

  17. How can I get myself off of a blocklist by this site? Bigots are using this site thinking that it would silence people. I’m a woman and I hate no one. I’ve said things I shouldn’t in my past. However that’s not why I’m on the list.

    • You may have been added for any number of reasons, one of which could be a mistake! Contact a blocker who you trust to review your addition … List here –

      BTW there is no aim to silence anyone, being blocked on Twitter cannot silence you. All it means is that anyone opting in to use the service will not see mentions from you, also you’ll not be able to follow them. This is their right and none of that silences you.

  18. I am listed as a level 1 “stalker” and “doxxer”? And yet-nowhere in my timeline have I stalked or doxxed anyone. Interestingly, I also am unable to find anything indicating the basis for that decision. The only “storify” listing I have ever found indicates I was “@” tweeted BY someone else-and then blocked.

    Listing an individual as a “doxxer” and “stalker” without evidence is actionable slander in my jurisdiction. Please provide me the information for appropriate service of process of the federal court complaint being filed at the e-mail provided.


    • Pro-tip, if you want to come across as at all credible when making legal threats it helps if you know the difference between libel and slander …

      • So you cannot prove your allegation and will attempt to hide behind gamey responses.


        Proceeding accordingly.

        • We have no idea who you are, what your Twitter handle is .. Nothing! Well except you are a testerical whiner with a poor grasp of the law, I’m sure your lawyer will be able to help you there :D

  19. I got added to the list because I was accused of condoning harassment (same name as twitter handle). The tweet saying this has an archived page of me condemning harassment. I’m assuming the reporter in question misread it as condemn. Can I get clarification?

  20. Excellent little app, kudos! =) My only suggestion would be that you might want to link the XKCD comic about the definition of free speech somewhere to preemptively shut up the Freeze Peachers.

  21. Has a political movement ever been more scared of confrontation?

    • What political movement would that be? We have left, right, anarchists, libertarians, socialists. Pretty much every type of political leaning is represented in our block list. Same goes for ideology, MRAs, feminist (terfs mainly), whatever you can think of … What was your point again?

  22. Hi. This is @DavidGX from Twitter. Could I be added to this list? I want absolutely nothing to do with anyone who buys into this bullshit and I feel this would be the best way to accomplish that. Thanks.

    • Sorry, the bot will only stop you from interacting with them. They can choose to interact with you if they wish, sorry for the power differential, you appear to be an angry little man so I guess this will deflate your ego even more. :(

  23. Proof that social justice is a cult.

    • Caring about Social Justice is a cult, or Social Justice itself is a cult? Because the second option is a logical impossibility, the first is just ridiculous.

  24. Has anyone else realized the potential of this being used as malware? It’s been mentioned that it’s open source and all.

    • Someone tried creating a 3K botnet that spam blocked their targets, they gave up as it didn’t do much … Suspended the odd new account, but they came back fast. (Not us BTW, some Rustle League trolls!)

  25. I was blocked after sending this tweet to @radicalbytes and @femfreq:

    I can see why people could disagree with the content I was sending, but I dont see that there is anything in it that would come under any reasonable definition of “harassment.” Also, I have tweeted both of those accounts maybe 5 times between them in the last 4 months. Assuming that they even saw all of those tweets (unlikely as they are both high-traffic accounts), I am hardly making a persistent nuisance of myself. It seems to me that people are using your software to avoid difficult questions and dismiss any content that challenges them. Are you sure that you’re okay with this?

    • You are not on the list …

      People don’t use the software to avoid “difficult questions”, you are friends from GamerGate have no difficult questions or challenges. So yes, we are fine with that. Actually even if they were, so what?

      • That’s very strange. Is there another piece of software around that people are using? After the above tweet (which does present content which challenges the ideas of the people it was sent to), I was blocked by a load people – most of whom I have never spoken to – within about five minutes. Is there another blockbot around that you know of?

  26. So, may I ask, do you plan to release an “inverse” tool that simply blocks the unpleasant trolls, overweight feminists and self important social justice warriors who prefer to exist in a bubble isolated from dissent and use this app?

    • Hmm, checking your twitter and you are posting / RTing inane racist crap about Ferguson, adding to the steaming pile of GamerGate … I think everyone will be more than happy to avoid your idea of “dissent”, you clearly couldn’t argue your way out of a wet paper bag.

      • You didn’t actually respond, but I suppose expecting an actual response from you was as silly as modern feminism. You, by the way, don’t have the balls to actually use your main Twitter name.

        • Ironic you call me a coward. One of us is hiding behind a nym, “charwhick” … Projection much?

          • There’s a pot calling the kettle black. Or am I to believe theblockbot is your real name? Perhaps I refrain from giving a real name because people in your cult have a habit of sending death threats, false rape accusations, and at least in one confirmed case, mailing a fucking knife.

            Either way, you still haven’t answered the question. However, this has left me with no question in my mind that you are a passive aggresive, overweight, anti-social loser who blocks people who dare disagree with their masturbatory religion. Your personality is unquestionably toxic, which comes as no surprise from a left-fascist such as yourself.

            If you would answer the original question, which asks whether there is a way to block the poisionous personalities such as yourself who use this app; that would be wonderful sweetie <3

          • You’ll have to write your own app to block people that use the bot, not that there is any list. But the people who administer it will not mind if they are added first!

          • I like how I shot down your bullshit completely and exposed your hypocrisy; and you refuse to let the post appear. Really shows your narcissism.

          • Haha, of course you did dearie *pats on head* … Not like we have anything better to do this time of year than attend to the ravings of a manchild on this website!

  27. Level descriptions are not very accurate. Suggestions;

    Level 3: isn’t a feminist
    Level 2: disagreed with a feminist
    Level 1: mocked a feminist

    • Given feminism is the assertion that women should have equal rights to men, we’ll provisionally accept your definitions, but s/feminist/feminism/. What sort of turd-bag mocks the idea of women being equal to men! (Oh yes, MRAs) What sort of shit-stain disagrees that women should be equal to men? Let alone not actually being a person who supports equality … Seems the basic requirement for being a decent human being, believing your fellow humans deserve the same treatment regardless of gender, race, sexuality etc etc.

      Why we don’t accept your definition when applied to individuals would be the inescapable fact that there are quite a lot of feminists on the block bot. Ones who don’t support sex workers rights, trans womens rights or WoC … So I’m sure you can immediately see why your definitions needed that little tweak from -ist to -ism and how that is all important.

  28. *slow clap*

  29. Please add me to the block list i’m anti atheism+

    • OK, but why would we want to add you? All sorts of people who don’t like A+ are not on the bot, some even help run it … So?

  30. One report, and I’m rank 1? Not sure if I should be upset, or flattered. I mean yeah, drank a lil too much brandy and got a lil boisterous one night. Not exactly my proudest moment but…

    Harsh dude. Harsh.

  31. Hi. I’m currently level 2 on the block list, which I feel is very unfair. My timeline is full of anti-feminist and other politically incorrect stuff, and I really think I deserve level 1. If you disagree, I would very much appreciate any tips you might have to help me level up to 1. Thanks in advance!

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