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(Note for those coming here when blocked, nowhere does the bot say you are anything, abusive, an MRA, whatever. Look at the tweet that added you and ask the blocker that blocked you. The levels are from annoying to abusive bigot. Level1 people might have something to complain about in terms of being labelled “abusive, stalker, doxxer or faker”, few have however as it’s a pretty clear cut accusation. Level2 and Level3 are more subjective, are you really that damaged by some people thinking you are an asshole or annoying?)

For more information on blocking consult Twitter’s help center.

Twitter is polluted by a number of anti-feminist obsessives, who viciously harass those who don’t support their warped views. The Block Bot is a Twitter application to automatically block the nastiest of these people. Once installed, it works in the background, fetching the names of those to be blocked from a central server, and discreetly blocking them.

The Block Bot can be used anonymously, and makes no change whatsoever to your Twitter profile. The blocks are made silently, and (from the point of view of the person being blocked) are indistinguishable from ordinary blocks. You may follow @TheBlockBot Twitter account if you wish, but there is no requirement to do so.

You can adjust the strictness with which blocks are applied, by choosing from one of three nastiness levels. Level 1 is sparsely populated with “worst of the worst” trolls, plus impersonators and stalkers. Level 2 (which we recommend for general use) includes those in Level 1, plus a wider selection of unpleasant people, in the opinion of the blockers. Level 3 goes beyond The Block Bot’s main purpose, and expands the list to include those who aren’t straight out haters, but can be tedious and obnoxious.

The Block Bot does not affect your ability to block people manually, and does not interfere with your existing block list. It does not block anyone who you are following, and will unblock anyone who you later choose to follow. If you no longer wish to use the bot, it can easily be removed.

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  214 Responses to “Introduction to @TheBlockBot”

  1. Thank god for Block Bot. Now I will never have to be exposed to wrong think or comments that interfere with my carefully crafted threat narrative. Block Bot should be implemented on the entire World Web Wide. And in real life too if at all possible.

    • Better get onto those school boards, why are they not teaching the controversy. For that matter those darn climate scientists don’t appreciate diversity of opinion or “wrong think” either, damn them all! Why won’t everyone listen to MEEE!! … Oh, I mean, why won’t people listen to opinions that just differ from theirs, ahem. Nothing to see here, move along.

  2. if you require something like this then your a person who cant handle real life and look at a point of view that isnt your own and laff at and ignore it or think on it and dismiss it and let people say whatever they want about you or whatever. people who think youtube is a private area then why are your comments and videos that people view in a public setting when not set to private. but i do understand getting something like this for children.

  3. Thanks for the level 1, you sensitive fedora cunts

    • Approved this content free crap, they didn’t even say who they are, so users of the bot can see what genius resides on level1 :-)

      • yeah, I’m going to mention my twitter username so your whiteknight faggot sluts can spam block me

        wasn’t born yesterday, you cum guzzler

        • ^^^ Paranoia, conspiracy theorist as well as barely literate. You block bot users are really missing out on a gem! (Let me help you o’paranoid anonymous dipshit, people spam blocking you will have no effect unless you @ them. So a campaign of it is totally ineffectual, not to mention that in the event you were suspended a ticket to Twitter will have you straight back. Duh. )

          • Because I am totally going to believe you

            Hope your family likes rape

          • LOL, you are really running low on the troll juice now, barely even trying! I could write a bot that does better than this, Eliza with a few random insults and you are outdone by a bit of AI that could run on a Speccy.

  4. I simply don’t get it. I don’t see how The Block Bot is going to make any major difference whatsoever. All I see are a few hundred users that fall into a very select category of fervent SJWs expediting the process of blocking a few trolls. Most of these trolls agree with the message that the people behind The Block Bot are trying to convey, but they see an opportunity to be dicks and have fun on the Internet. Being on a the block list is going to do nothing to drive them away from the medium of Twitter, and most of the trolls who are listed will take it as an honor or a trophy of some sort. It validates their trolling. If a troll is thoroughly determined to fuck with someone on twitter, they’ll find a way. Otherwise, they’ll lose interest and not get too worked up about being blocked, because they knew that it was the probable outcome in the first place.
    I understand that the block list will preemptively block some trolls before they can do anything. That’s cool. But as I said, a determined troll will find a way.

    Also Obama is on the block list, along with other politicians on both sides of the aisle. The only way I see this to be possible is if The Block Bot has problems with personal bias.

    • Driving people away is not an aim, just allowing people to ignore those that want to be dicks on Twitter. They have a perfect right to be dicks, free speech n all that, our users have a right to ignore them. Efficiently…

      Barack, Hm, one of our blockers added a bunch of politicians for the symbolism. We thought we’d removed them all but the POTUS slipped through, I’m 99.99999% sure it did him and our users no harm. So not that worried!

      • Just to reply to the what difference does it make comment, believe me it makes a huge difference. without the bot i would have never returned to twitter, and i am not alone. Many women are subject to pretty constant trolling on twitter, if like me you also happen to be a sex worker and support the rights of trans people you are a target. But, guess what, trolls are now a rare event, as most are blocked by the bot before they get to me. I am able to share cat pics and talk to friends without rape threats or being told i am bringing down civilization, which is nice :-)

  5. I’m not on the list, what the actual fuck!??!?! I’m the most racist, sexist, anti-fucktard/trans/weirdo there is.

  6. It is still a free country, but why would anyone want to block another view/opinion? Didn’t our parents teach us to have an OPEN MIND? Blocking opposing views simply means you are communist/marxist = 1 view/opinion

    Personally, I love hearing opposing views. I have changed some of my thinking base on someone’s else’s opposing view, which means my own was not common sense. WHY WOULD I EVER WANT TO BE THIN-SKINNED????????

    • No opposing views or opinions are blocked, how ridiculous. There are 6 billion people in the world, how would that even be possible?

      I would take issue with your obvious privilege in seeking out “opposing opinions”, if you lived under the cosh of transmisogyny or racism day in day out you might have had a different experience. One of being constantly dehumanised by “other opinions”, but I doubt you’d listen, so I won’t waste my time.

      • I agree with TOM, this just enables thin-skinned people to stay the same not realizing that having a close mind is a problem. Selfish-Justice-Warriors talk always about being open but when they face an “oppressing view” which is an elegant way to say their opinion differ, is downright hypocrite.

        • Not wanting to speak to you, personally, is not close minded. Not wanting to speak to anyone, at all, wouldn’t be close minded … Basically you use that term but don’t know what it means.

  7. I think my account (benhitov) may have been incorrectly labeled a sock-puppet account. I am using my full name, though, and I have a link to my facebook profile on my twitter page. I understand that we probably don’t agree about everything, but it seems that offense does not meet the criteria for inclusion in the level1 list. Apologies if this is not the appropriate place for me to comment.

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