Now available a preview of the TamperMonkey/GreaseMonkey AtheismPlus Zapper!

This script enhances your Twitter experience by removing tweets from block list members seamlessly from your timeline/connect page and even hash searches… As long as you use the standard Twitter client then this will remove the Slyme from your Time Line!

1. FireFox Install

* Go to: -> and install GreaseMonkey into your browser. This will allow the script to run…

* Under the monkey face icon you will now have at the top right choose –> “Manage User Scripts”

* Click Get User Scripts…. This will take you to the website.

* Search for “Atheism+ Zapper” in the search box on the right in the page. (Halfway down)

* When you are on the page ( it will have a green “install” link at the top right. Click this to install in GreaseMonkey

2. Chrome Install

* Go to: -> and install TamperMoney into your browser. This will allow the script to run…

* Under the TamperMonkey icon – top right, looks like a square with two circles at the bottom – Choose “Get New Scripts

*  This will take you to the website. Search for “Atheism+ Zapper” in the search box on the right in the page. (Halfway down)

* When you are on the page ( it will have a green “install” link at the top right. Click this to install in TamperMonkey

* When prompted to run natively in Chrome or in TamperMonkey, choose “OK” to install in TamperMonkey NOT Chrome native.

===>>> You should now be Slyme-free! <<<====

NB You may have to restart your browser and check the script is enabled in Tamper/Grease Monkey for it to work. Both allow disabling scripts in their manage user script UI… COMING SOON:  A UI to control level of blocks and to turn it on/off in Twitters Web Page!

Any problems please report to @the_block_bot … We want to know about bugs so won’t block you, promise! 

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  16 Responses to “Zapper!”

  1. We are up to version 0.3.4. Latest feature is ability to block tweets in expanded tweets, in replies, and in standalone tweet threads. :)

  2. Version 0.5 is up. The promised on/off control is now functional as a play/pause button to the right of the level selections. A new “Custom” level has also been introduced that essentially turns off the integration with the Block Bot and lets the user manually enter all who get zapped. :)

    • We should update this page so it has some nice screenshots that show how it works… I might even look into how easy it is to put in a video of my screen showing it working.

  3. Latest release is 0.6.1 that has the Glow option for zapped tweets and the new icons (thanks). It’s looking beautiful now. Love it.

  4. [...] to post about the effect of @aratina’s great GreaseMonkey / TamperMonkey script for Twitter…. This reads in a list of the blocked users from and removes them from [...]

  5. You guys spelled bigots wrong.This is really cute. However, you lose the ability to clear things with your version if you can’t see it. I know this isn’t a concern, however, because the things out there generally aren’t lies.

    • What? If anyone understands this comment please let us know… I’m sure there is some useful information in there somewhere.

  6. I don’t know, you bunch of poor poor victims, makes me want to cry just imagining the suffering you must go through to NEED this sort of pro-censoring tech’ in your lives & see it as a positive, i know you’ll find ways to justify it (your sort always do) but you know deep down that PUBLIC internet is just one level above what your able to stand. OK i’ve finished, you can rant…………NOW!

  7. I’ve tried installing all 3 of the versions listed of Zapper: “The Atheism+ Zapper”, “The Atheism+ Zapper plus”, and “The Zapper”.

    None of them appear for me. Is there a help forum somewhere? Which Zapper is the correct one? When I click on [Follow] on Aratina’s Twitter page, it just gets ignored. Zir account is protected. Help. :(

    • The one called “The Zapper” works, but it hasn’t been updated since last year. What’s with these other ones that were updated last week?

    • The Atheism+ one is Aratina’s I’ll ask him about the others, presumably someone else’s version of the script.

    • The other “versions” are complete scams. They have nothing to do with the Zapper at all. Instead, they make you like a handful of spam pages on Facebook. Please remove all scripts you installed and purge your cookies before trying the actual zapper script again.

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