Sunsetting @TheBlockBot


As you all know there have been many valid criticisms of @TheBlockBot, unfortunately these have caused the community to lose some faith in it as a universal tool that can help marginalized groups have the best experience on Twitter possible. Criticisms include:

  • Addressing diversity: The current team is not as diverse as it could or should be, a fact which itself reproduces some of the oppressions of marginalised people (e.g. racism, ableism) that we wish to address. We have failed to rectify that.
  • Tending towards cliques: Groups of blockers are friends. Some have large accounts with lots of followers and this can intimidate either the users of the bot or some of the blockers.
  • Lack of flexibility: If an account is put on a block list by mistake or for a controversial reason, the appeal process is unclear and stressful. Especially with in-community blocks, trust may be lost.
  • Scalability: The original design was easy to implement within Twitter’s API when only small numbers of blocks needed to be implemented; there is no way to extend the same design to tens of thousands, or potentially millions of accounts.

For all these reasons we feel the current block bot project, as it stands, needs to come to an end.  Not to mention, blockers and admins have been exposed to harassment due to running the service.

Thanks for all your support.

Be assured, the service will continue! We’ll be following up with details soon!

@TheBlockBot team.


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