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All the members of the blocklist, sorted by level… If you want access to the raw data you can see that here:

Full HTML list of all the members of the block list -> Blocks by Level

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  1. I have exactly 20 tweets, yet I find my Twitter account (skepticreport) on the Block Bot list, as a “level 3″.

    I would like to know the following:

    1) Who put me on the list?
    2) For what reason?
    3) What was the offending tweet?
    4) What will it take to have my twitter account removed from the list?

      • I am banned from that forum.

        I am asking you, as the person behind this block bot.

        • Riight, you did notice this is the “A+” Block Bot? O_o … Its not my (oolon’s) blockbot anymore so an appeal would go to the mods at the A+ forum who banned you. How do you think that is likely to go down? No idea why you were banned but you seem to fit the description of someone that an A+’er would likely want to avoid unless they want to argue with an anti-person. You’ve answered your own question I feel…

          • So, it was a person from the forum who blocked me, months after I was banned from the forum. Despite the fact that I have made no tweet about Atheism+, or the forum.

            Thanks for your clarification.

        • You’re such a pretentious prick Oolon, you made this thing, you maintain it, you just recently changed the format. You are responsible,don’t try to wash your hands of it.

          • BTW there are many people with access to moderate and maintain this site, oolon is on holiday from tomorrow so likely to be someone else replying. The format was changed on request by @Humanisticus as he rightly pointed out the previous table that showed number of connections to those blocked was not clear. Now it just shows what level people are added to. We agree this is a better solution as previously you could only see that by signing up….

            As for “responsibility” the block bot is an A+ project and the *credit* goes to them as a whole. The responsibility for crappy code is oolon’s alone at the moment, when people start contributing to the github project then he can start to blame others there as well. Have a nice day!

          • YEAH!

            That’s why I also send appeals from forum bans to the vBulletin creators every time I am banned from a vBulletin forum!

            They created their forum software, they have a responsibility!

      • How to complain if one has been banned from atheismplus forums for disagreeing about something? Bit of a Catch-22, don’t you think?

        • No, as I mention its the “A+” bot, don’t bother appealing if you have been banned at the forum… For what should be obvious reasons. Baffling that Claus thought an appeal had a chance, I’m wondering now if his famously obdurate nature is to blame as he doesn’t seem the trolling type.

          • Oh no, I’ve sinned against Atheism Plus for what should be obvious reasons. Maybe if I ask for forgiveness and accept Peezus into my heart, I can be saved from the evils of douchery and anti-feminism.

            “I ask you Peezus into my heart and I ask that you forgive me of my obvious sins. Feminism is the one true path, I swear before all these witnesses and I will no longer associate with the heathens like Thunderf00t, Girlwriteswhat, and Noelplum. Amen.”

            Well, I feel better now, don’t you?

          • Not sure if this one can be helped!

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  4. I see that not only myself, but many other radical feminists on twitter have been put on this list. I can only deduce that although atheist+ tossers do not believe in a sky daddy they do worship the god of gender and male supremacy. As this is the case I would ask that you stop pretending you have anything but the most cynical intentions when it comes to women and feminism. Thank you.

    • The A+ community is a sex-positive, trans* inclusionary safe space that believes strongly in fighting the transphobia and whorephobia that you “radfems” seem to want to perpetuate. Male supremacy is not refuted by being a bigoted arse towards our trans* and sex-worker allies … So fuck off.

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  6. Quick question: how do I get from level 3 to level 2?

    • Good sarcasm! Although, don’t be bothered. As long as this list isn’t democratically maintained, there is no point arguing with these people.

      • “democratically maintained” … It’s maintained by a group of people from a particular community. Are you saying we should hold elections on who adds to it? O_O

  7. Hi Admin,
    I’m on the Block Bot (my mother is so proud of me) I’ve got some of the same concerns as the ones posted above, but I know that blacklist are always capricious to the blacklisted and I’ll avoid the argument. What I really want to know, if you could provide me the information, since when have I been included in the list?
    Thanks, AB

  8. You’re just a whiny piece of shit getting people blocked because you can’t take criticism. Go fuck yourself retard. Block bot is shit and you’re a stupid hypocrite because you’ve done nothing but harass people who comment on this website.

    • Hehe more great comments… Stands on its own really :-)

      • Hmm, the bad comments stand on their own? Excellent point! I guess there’s no need to block people you don’t like, after all.

        • How does it harm the people blocked? Not at all. Other than they cannot contact people using the block bot unsolicited. Their comments do still stand on their own, on their own TLs, not in block bot users mentions. This is how the users of the block bot want it. So you have no point, let alone the clever one you seem to think you stumbled upon.

  9. The fact that the public list does not contain data about who gets reported as spam annoys me.
    How can I as a user be sure that my account is not used to falsely report somebody as a spammer?

    Could you please make the flag used in utils.php at line 67 available in blocks.json?

    • Turned that functionality off for now… Only ever used on fake accounts at level1 as you can see in the code. But given there is a community of blockers its possible that this could be either misused or accidentally triggered. Next version will just tweet differently if #abuse is added – suggesting people report the account for abuse.

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    • Obviously missing out on a great “debate” with this one … Such a shame he is “silenced” by being ignored ;-D

  12. How do I get added to level 3, do I have to make sound rational arguments, maybe if I just mind my own business that will work, I’ve noticed others on the list who don’t spam and just mind their own business, how do I get on the list of the super slimy, HOW?

    • Of course you have Robin, now calm yourself and go fap somewhere else.

      • Great to see we’re being mature here, you go get those dirty virgin nerds! I didn’t know this was the best way to ask for representation!

        Maybe I should start assuming all white people are virgins because I was called a n****r on the bus every day in Middle School. That’ll show them!

  13. While I don’t object to the idea of a shared ban list for known trolls, I see 2 major problems with this. The first is the automatic spam reporting feature, which I have read in comments is not always enabled, but troubles me nevertheless because it seems like a way of silencing people as opposed to simply not having to listen to them. The other, perhaps larger problem, is that many of the people on this list are not trolls. Granted, they may be vocal against the A+ community, but they are not trolls by any means (I am sure some are, but I know for a fact some are not). Therefore if the purpose of this list is not to avoid trolls, but to on a public forum avoid and censore discussion with those you disagree with, well, that seems somewhat problematic to me.

  14. Is blockbot offline? The json has no info anymore!

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  16. It appears that it is rare for people to be removed from this list. I don’t want to be removed. I want a promotion. What do I need to do to get moved from Level 3 to Level 2? I don’t want to do anything mean-spirited as that is not my style. Would the following statement be sufficient?

    “Encouraging women to take precautions to increase their safety with respect to sexual assault is NOT “rape apologism!!!”

    Good enough? If not–how about this one?

    “People discouraging women from taking an active part in their own safety by declaring such advice as “victim blaming” are the real misogynists.”

    Thank you for your consideration. (If you need to confirm my identity by Twitter, use the @The_Block_Bot account as I may be blocking the developers’ personal accounts.)

    • Exhibit A in the ranters against straw feminism …

      Focussing rape prevention campaigns all on what women should do is ineffective and leads to victim blaming. Hence feminists have an issue with that focus … If in the context of an actual rape or rape victim you focus on what she *should* have done or *should* not have done then you are indeed a rape apologist and victim blamer. You may even agree with that, shame you like to beat those straw feminists all day.

      So, no, you are Level3 annoying and ill-informed all day long.

  17. Do I see David Silverman (MrAtheistPants)on this list at Lvl3, #250?

    Is that an oversight/hack/troll?

  18. I am still lacking in comprehension on the aims and purpose of your group

    • for a succinct description

      • Thankyou, I have been reading. I dont know the answer to most social issues myself, like rape or marriage etc… but I always been under the impression that rape prevention and stuff like that to be like defensive driving. Its best to get criminals/ rapists/bad drivers off the street but its also good not to get tboned if you are lucky enough to see only coming. But then you add the patriarchial misogynists qnd rape apologists and the blame the victim stuff at this point so it becomes difficult to uncover the truth. Atheism + seems really straight forward and sensible.

  19. Obviously, this tool can be used for vandalism and arbitrary censorship. If one has the energy to troll, one has the energy to exploit this tool. I’ve heard reasonable accusations of this being the case. Is there any safeguard against misuse? I’m speaking more of the spam block, as that is a flagrant exploit of the twitter algorithm, which can be as disruptive as dishonest.

    • There is no spam block. Have a look at the code on github, it’s been removed. Also all blocks now need to be confirmed by a different blocker – so little ability to misuse by one blocker.

      • Thank you for the response. Glad to hear the spam function was removed. That proves how prone this tool is to misuse. I don’t see how multiple blockers is at all useful. If someone want to misuse the tool, they just log in on another account, or solicit from friends. It becomes a ridiculous pandering, almost ritualistic, a thin veil implying consensus, and should two be required for an obvious troll? The idea is that reason and human judgment are involved, but it falls short. It’s not bold enough. Is there no group of people that can be trusted to make that call and stand accountable for controversial decisions?

        I realize it’s a new and daunting task, and your approach is evolving. This is just feedback from someone who would like to filter noise, but will not use this tool in its current form because it is at best dysfunctional and at worst antisocial. It currently eliminates sincere contibutors, despite their long standing reputations.

        • Use it at Level1, like most people do … You are unlikely to miss much. Maybe the odd person is erroneously added there, but not often.

  20. What an infantile load of horse shit. Never got a date in high school did you Ooloony. You’re a lying prick and we all know it. Enjoy your cult dirtbag.

  21. If the block bot exists to sheild people from racism, misogyny and far right harrassent, why are so many harmless feminists on it? Could it be that its being used by the very people it’s supposed to block Asa silencing/harassing tool?
    And if so, exactly how much investigating ARE The moderators doing?
    Just asking.

    • What “harmless” feminists? Those added are bigoted trans* exclusionary radical feminists who do a lot of harm. If not then please let us know and we’ll remove.

  22. Just curious – is there any significance to the order of names within a level? They used to be alphabetical but not any more.

    • It should be in the order they were last added now … Alphabetical was not that much use as you can do a CTRL+F to find a user. The next phase of the bot will drop off or demote any that have been in the list without a report or block for x months/weeks. So it makes more sense to show who is likely to be demoted and who is newest on the list.

  23. I’ve been banned on twitter as @mra_mgtow
    @feminismlies @forevermgtow and MANY MANY more
    my comments are very moderate.WHY do I keep on having my
    Accounts suspended???!!!

    • No idea, first suspend requires you to just fill out a captcha and you are back instantly. Second or more suspension and you raise a ticket with Twitter, they will tell you if you are coming back. So you will get a reason from Twitter as to why your accounts are permanently suspended, if they are. I’ve never heard of someone being permanently banned apart from really nasty abuse or obsessive stalking. Have you raised a ticket?

    • Huh seems @ForeverMgtow and @feminism_lies are up and working, so more MRA lies and professional victim hood …

      • Actually, if you notice the date on the last tweet of each of those accounts you listed, you’ll see they were on over a week ago. What does this mean? They are actually suspended but the account wasn’t pulled down. I’ve seen this happen with *dozens upon dozens* of Dawn Gordon accounts. So, yes. They are suspended. Just visible.

        • So Renee, you are proposing a type of suspension that no one has ever reported first hand? O_o

          Literally suspension means trying to load the account and Twitter reports a particular page (You can see on @the_block_bot atm unfortunately) and does not show the persons tweets, at all. So this is not suspension, it’s a dead account, far more likely that the delusional Dawn forgot her password or moved onto another sock and left those accounts alone. So, no. They are not suspended. Just visible, dead accounts.

          • That *totally* explains the 20-30 accounts still on Twitter that belonged to Dawn. The ones that, once she created the next new account, she even stated she had been suspended from. Having been on Twitter as long as I have, I’ve seen this happen to other accounts, not just Dawn Gordon’s. So, yes. They are suspended but not pulled.

          • Where does it say this anywhere on Twitter’s website? Suspension comes in two forms – account hidden and account not hidden!? You are a techy, it would make no sense at all to code it like that. I is sceptical that this is a real thing when the far more likely explanation is that the person lost their password and the account is just inaccessible. Your only evidence is the accounts have not doing anything – could be explained by lost password as well. Now you add Dawn said it is the case that she was suspended, O_o, she is not exactly reliable, as you know.

  24. Glad to see I made it!

    Can’t find out why I’m considered a bigot, though.

    Maybe I just don’t agree that doxxing 10 year olds, and spoiling the bank account of transgender teens is an appropriate way to go about my business?

    Gee I’m such an asshole ._.

    • Maybe because you are fixated on one woman who was the target of a concerted harassment campaign over a positive review of her FREE game that never happened… Maybe, just maybe?

  25. Dear Snowflakes,

    Thanks for adding me to your little list! Level 2 no less ! You guys are sweethearts. I was wondering, is there a way to see what tweet caused me to be added to the list? I never received a notification if I was supposed to get one and I don’t see a way for me to look it up on your site.

    Hugs and Kisses,


  26. Not that I want to be removed from this list, because quite frankly anyone who would use it I am best avoiding, but really? A working class woman pointing out that she would like the jobcentre not to be able to order her into sex work, is anti-feminist? I think not. You people are deluded.

  27. Some feminists are more equal than others and the ones who take on being a dominatrix as a hobby are important and millions of working class women being subject to their automomy overridden should not be mentioned, because its anti-feminist? Get over yourselves.


    Apparently, the reason I was put on this list was due to inoffensive tweets regarding Zoe Quinn, Phil Fish and GamerGate.

    Leave me up there. I want people to see that this site is used for nothing more than trying to publicly shame anyone who goes against a certain viewpoint, regardless that they’re women commenting on an issue of ethics.

    I find it amusing that you claim to defend women’s interests when you have them on this list.

  29. This website is nothing put pure defamation to the letter. Not even on the list, but I will still tell you to go to hell

    • You seem to be dictionary impaired .. Let us help you out.

      Defmation: Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and have been made to someone other than the person defamed.

      All the people on the list are there because one or more people adding them to the list believes the tweet(s) they referenced when adding them were ignorant, bigoted, abusive or threatening. Or maybe all those! This is not in any sense a false claim against the person being added, the claim is that the blocker adding them believes their tweets to fit those categories. This is their right and not defamation in any sense in any legal jurisdiction we know of … They may be wrong, but they make no statement(s) of fact about the person being added, only their opinion on that persons tweets. The users of the bot trust the people adding to the list have good judgement. That’s it. Sorry.

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